Meet our practitioners


Kait Little LMT, LE 
Kait is a graduate of Spa Tech Institute's Therapeutic Massage and Holistic Aesthetic Programs with over 1300 hours of classroom and clinical training.  Kait specializes in therapeutic Massage, Swedish Relaxation massage, and Myofascial release. In addition to being a massage therapist, Kait is a licensed Aesthetician, who specializes in Holistic Acne and Anti Aging treatments.  Unlike other beauty care providers, Kait dedicates a great deal of time to each appointment, never rushing with any of her clients. She personally cares for each one of them. Her focus is on educating her clients, and always welcomes the chance to help her clients feel better about themselves. She  believes no matter what your skin has been through, it can be improved with the proper treatment and attention. Kait enjoys taking the time to customize treatments for her clients that create visible results, plus provide an escape from reality for a moment of time.